Livonia, Michigan


Expected Completion Date



The proposed project includes room for 120 beds with the development of two separate three-story buildings. The design calls for each building to have 12 suites that can house five students in private bedrooms. Also included on

the 1st floor would be a one bedroom apartment designated for an area coordinator. The student’s suites will have all the amenities that the modern day student population is requesting. Each floor will have common living/lounge spaces designed to increase interaction among the students. There will be common laundry areas designated for the students, also space available for various club meetings, study rooms, or recreation space.


The existing campus and surrounds are defined largely by two different areas - distinguished by the articulation of the architectural roof line. To the south lies the institutional heart of campus, with modern lines and flat roofs - surrounding this space is a the larger area with low lying eaves and pitched roofs. The proposed site sits within this residential area. As such, our proposal is defined with a pitched roof, while utilizing clean edges and standing seam materials to keep with the intended modern feel.